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Airtrack™ is a unique product designed to test the air quality of compressed air in line with breathing air requirements.

Monitoring for a variety of contaminants in compressed air including Water content/ Pressure Dewpoint, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oil , Nitrous Oxides and Hydrogen Sulphide. The standard units will monitor CO, CO2, Dewpoint,O2 and use an oil impactor, for compliance with EN12021 or Grade D, but with extra sensors it offers the capability to monitor air for other contaminants which could be drawn in from the environment which could have air which is poor quality.


The Airtrack™ works in real time constantly monitoring air quality, and contains a built in alarm and separate audible alarm output which can be used to integrate with a remote alarm or compressor shut down system. A test function allows the unit to perform an average over 5 minutes and built in logging facility records data from each channel which can be downloaded.


The Airtrack comes with wi-fi capability so data can be accessed by a computer, using the Airtrack application.


Available in different models, the fixed version can be wall mounted as a permanent fixture, and the portable version which is ideal for situations where multiple locations need testing.

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