Sustaining life in hazardous environments...
Sustaining life in hazardous environments...

Blackline Safety G7

G7 is more than just a device, it's a complete solution tailored to meet the requirements of your individual organisation. Getting started is easy by selecting your model - what functionality do you need? Standard monitoring, single-gas detection and quad-gas detection options are available. For gas detection capabilities, select from any of the available gas sensors to best fit your business's needs.


  • Fully-connected personal safety monitor with intrinsically safe hardware
  • Green SureSafe indicator light informs the employee that his or her safety is being monitored in real-time
  • Blue LiveResponse light confirms help is on the way
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Optional two-way voice communication
  • Fall, no-motion and missed check-in detection
  • Manual SOS latch
  • Assisted-GPS location technology
  • Indoor location technology



Includes all features offered by G7c Standard

  • Single-gas sensor cartridge with choice of H2S, LEL, O2, CO or NH3
  • G7c gas cartridges are disposable at the end of their service life



Includes all features offered by G7c Standard

  • Quad-gas sensor cartridge with choice of H2s, LEL, O2, CO & NH3
  • G7c gas cartridges are disposable at the end of their service life


G7 is a complete, turn-key system that includes the web-based Blackline Live portal, a customisable safety monitoring system that meets each of your teams' needs. From devide configuration and alert preferences to employee address books and a live map, Blackline Live delivers all the tools necessary to manage a world-class safety monitoring programme.

G7c devices are also supported by the most affordable calibration and testing dock on the market - G7 Dock.



  • Monitor all devices with one, easy to use web-based portal
  • Quickly locate and respond to a worker in distress with our live map and alert management system
  • Customise device configurations with real-time, over-the-air device updates
  • G7c firmware updates are automatic, seamless and wireless
  • Access control tools allow you to tailor user access according to roles - employee, supervisor, administrator and monitoring team
  • Trigger and manage evacuations and mass-notify employees by text and optional voice communications



  • Affordable and simple design
  • All calibrations and bumps managed using G7c device interface and intuitive menu
  • Calibration and bump logs are communicated in real-time to the Blackline Safety Network via the G7c device
  • Supports G7c devices equipped with both single and quad-gas cartridges
  • G7 Dock server-stored configurations are automatically updated when G7c is bumped or calibrated


  • Blackline Safety G7
  • Backline Safety G7c
  • Blackline Live
  • G7 Dock
  • Backline Safety G7c
  • Blackline Live
  • G7 Dock

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