Sustaining life in hazardous environments...
Sustaining life in hazardous environments...

Breathing Air Trailers

The Breathe BAT Series Breathing Air Trailers have been designed to be exceptionally easy to use. The focus of the design is to allow minimal setup time and to streamline Breathing Apparatus operations when using the system. The system has been constructed to conform with standards EN139/14594 for airline breathing apparatus and EN12021 for breathing air. 


The main advantage of an air trailer is that it can be used in areas where breathing air compressors are unsuitable due to explosion risk or where the environmental quality of the air is likely to be poor.

The most common configuration can be used for either up to 4 or up to 8 simultaneous users and has the ability to feed 8 users with 200M of airline each.*  

In the event of the air supply dropping below the minimum air pressure, it will automatically switch over to the emergency backup, ensuring the supply to the users is uninterrupted and will sound a loud audible and visual alarm (designed to be heard over plant operating and surrounding machinery noises).

Some of the key advantages of the BA Trailer are below:

  • Breathe Unique Removable Control Panel technology, incorporating entry control tallies, means the trailer can be monitored from the point of entry into the hazardous work area. It also means that the actual trailer can be located outside of the immediate work zone i.e. outside of a bund or congested area.
  • Simple to use, minimal setup time, includes just 2 single on/off valves, one for main and one for emergency air, saving time and confusion opening numerous individual cylinder valves on the bank of high-pressure cylinders.
  • Smart compact units, utilising high-quality stainless steel pipework throughout, mounted on a ball hitch trailer unit with extra space for storing ancillary items.

The standard trailers come in three sizes: Mini4, Midi8 or Maxi12. Please enquire to confirm duration calculators.


Relevant Industries: Oil & Gas Upstream, Petrochem & Refining, Turnarounds & Shutdowns, Industrial Safety, Marine, Water, Asbestos, Nuclear

Manufactured by Luno Systems


*Tested in accordance with EN14593 - test certificates can be provided upon request.

  • Breathing Air Trailers

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