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In recognition of the growing demand for the provision of onsite training for clients with larger training requirements, Breathe delivered the first viable mobile training solution for confined spaces in 2009.


This provided the opportunity for clients to have quality practical training delivered on their sites without the requirement for a large, impractical vehicle or utilising a ‘live’ area for practical.

This is still a key part of our onsite training offering and works extremely well for small- to medium-sized training requirements or project start-ups.

However, in addition to this, we now offer a complete onsite solution with bespoke-built practical training facilities. For larger projects or sites that require the highest standard of training, these facilities allow the accurate recreation of the hazards and scenarios specific to that project, allowing for absolute best-in-class training and the delivery of work-ready personnel to the site.

This approach to training allows a high-profile site or project to demonstrate its commitment to training. These facilities are also frequently used for more generic tours and inductions, allowing untrained personnel to experience what the project is like without having to go to a live area.

These can incorporate a huge range of features including:

  • Entry Point Recreation – e.g. vessel platform, tally hut, well head, wet well entry

  • True to life crawl ways and tunnels – e.g. service ducts, spray concrete lined, reactor entries, process pipework

  • Mechanical and Process pipework and valves – complete with simulation of emergency situations such as leaks and failures, such as flooding or fire

  • Refuge Chambers – for tunnel and mine applications

  • Work at Height practical – scaffold, vessel rescue and crane rescue integration

  • Fire and Flood scenario recreation

  • Smoke Generation

  • Fully monitored by IR camera systems with appropriate panic buttons and emergency exit points

  • Risk assessed for training and provided with a safe system of work

  • … within reason the replication of any aspect of a client site that adds value to the training delivery!

Onsite Training Facilities
Onsite Training Facilities
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