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The Breathe Safety brand has been synonymous with the provision of critical safety equipment and services for a number of years, but changes are afoot.

The same trusted company can now provide a full industrial hire and support service, covering typical specialist site and mechanical requirements. Operating throughout the UK and specialising in the energy, petrochemical, and specialist construction sectors, with a range of plant that provides clients and contractors alike with a turnkey solution to their hire and sourcing requirements.

Our experience in these demanding industries, meeting needs and delivering reliability competitively, provides an opportunity for a synergistic relationship with clients that can help them achieve their mission.

Through close collaboration with the client, we can achieve the following:

  • Single sourcing and supply efficiency

  • Maximised uptime of clients labour resources

  • Opportunity for rebate and incentive schemes

  • Enhanced control of expenditure

We also provide specialist hire fleet equipment.

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