Sustaining life in hazardous environments...
Sustaining life in hazardous environments...

Confined Space Course Comparison

24th January 2018
Confined Space Course Comparison

With an increasing number of Confined Space course providers in the market place, as well as more and more companies stipulating their own specification of confined space training, there can be confusion around how courses interlink. 

Most providers follow the same pattern of courses, and typically have the same durations – with the most common theme being that a City and Guilds Accredited course is typically a day longer than an ‘In-House’ course to accommodate the separate day for the assessment part of the course.

The main advantage of City and Guilds accredited training is that it is a more widely recognised qualification, particularly within the water and construction industries.

Using a good quality provider to deliver an in-house course does bring the flexibility to tailor the course specification more accurately to your employee’s needs, thereby giving a more beneficial and relevant course.

Breathe In-house Course Code

City and Guilds Course

Thames Water Course Code


CS01 – 1 day

6150-02 – 2 days

CP1 – 1 day

Medium Risk Entry - A 1 day medium risk course, for persons entering confined spaces via a tripod and winch, with a gas detector, escape BA set and harness

CS02 – 2 days

6150-03 – 3 days

CP2 – 2 days

High Risk Entry - First day is the same as the course above, but candidates will move on to learn about high risk working environments and the use of supplied air breathing apparatus on the second day

CS03 – 3 days

6150-03/14 – 3 days


Confined Space Supervisor/Manager – This course covers medium and high risk working as well as going into more detail on planning and managing confined space work. Typically aimed at persons with a responsibility for controlling confined space entries.

CS04 – 3 or 4 days

6150-05 – 5 days


Confined Space Rescue – This course covers medium and high risk working before moving on to train candidates how to safely assess and extract casualties from confined spaces, as well as their role and responsibility whilst not actively engaged in a rescue situation.

CS05 – 1 day

6151-02 – 1 day


Tunnel Entry - This particular course is aimed at the Tunnelling industry. It covers safe access and egress from a tunnel environment and the use of oxygen re-breather equipment


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