Sustaining life in hazardous environments...
Sustaining life in hazardous environments...

Confined Space Medicals

30th November 2018
Confined Space Medicals

As one of the UK’s leading Confined Space training providers we receive a lot enquiries about delegates requiring a medical before attending a course. We though we will make it simple and put it in one short blog post.

It is not a legal requirement to have a confined spaces medical but it is good practice to have one if you or your staff are likely to be working in this environment.

What is involved?

  • Health questionnaire including questions about psychological issues such as claustrophobia
  • Height, weight, body mass index
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision screening for near and distance
  • Standard urine test for protein and sugar
  • Lung function baseline
  • Hearing test baseline
  • Specific confined space related questions
  • Sniff/ Smell test- to see if individual can distinguish different types of odours

It comes down to your and/or your client’s company policy as to whether this is specially required prior to entry or not.

If there are any pre-known medical conditions, this should form part of your risk assessment as an increased likelihood of a medical emergency need to be carefully considered prior to entry. Usually this is a question on the entry permit, which all entrants sign to confirm they have no known medical conditions before they enter the confined space.

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