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As part of the portfolio of services and products for Confined Space Working which we offer, ventilation products offer a key means of making these areas safe.


Technical Advice is offered on ventilation systems, which can utilise, standard axial fans, intrinsically safe air movers, air powered venturi eductors , together with a range of accessories such as flow indicators, and ducting.

Intrinsically safe lighting compliments, and our range includes area lighting, hand torches and head torches, all approved for hazardous area use.

Manufacturers we work with: SA and VAF.

Examples of products we provide include:

  • Air Powered Venturi Airmovers

  • Non-EX Airmovers

  • EX Airmovers

  • EX Heaters and Air Conditioners

  • EX Paint and Drum Heaters

  • Specialist Extraction including Filtration and Scrubbing

*We are offering a varied range of ventilation systems, if you cannot find what you are looking for in the list below please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements*

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