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There is a vast range of Respiratory Protective Equipment available in the market and careful consideration needs to be given to selecting the most appropriate type.

This can be a daunting task particularly for large users engaging with manufacturers direct, who have a vested interest in guiding you to their product.

Breathe have an excellent reputation in providing expert impartial assessment of a user requirements and helping in selection of the most appropriate products. Our team have many years of proven experience in the pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, manufacturing, civil engineering, nuclear and mining markets that they can share in assisting you with your own specific Respiratory requirements

We offer the complete range of systems from disposable, ½ and full face masks through to PAPR systems integrating comms and specialist PAPR/BA combined systems. Manufacturers we work with include 3M/Scott, Gentex/Pureflo, Sundstrom, Draeger, Honeywell, MSA, JSP, RPB

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