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For clients operating sites or assets that require significant planned maintenance activities, Breathe Safety’s Integrated Safety Services ensure that the planning and delivery of the safety-related aspects occur seamlessly.


We understand that events in the industries we work within are time-critical but must be completed in a safe and efficient manner, so in every aspect of our Safety services, we ensure that improved safety, improved value, and maximum efficiency are at the forefront of what we do.

From the event outset, we work with you as part of your planning team to assist in the specification of equipment, labour resource planning, and emergency planning. We look for efficiencies in equipment usage and the deployment of labour across multiple job roles as work progresses and fluctuates to ensure we deliver on our promise of maximum efficiency, improved safety, and better value.

Our services include:


  • Pre Event Resource Planning – standalone or integrated to your team in a specialist capacity.

  • Emergency and Rescue Planning

  • Specialist Labour Provision – technicians for: rescue, breathing apparatus, gas detection, venting, rope access.

  • Safety Standby Provision – integrate general safety labour as part of a fully managed safety workforce.

  • Remote Entry and Digital Area Monitoring

  • Equipment Provision – full range of specialist vessel entry and associated equipment.

  • Equipment Management – through event equipment management including maintenance, decontamination and sanitisation.

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