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On site RPE Servicing


Breathe Safety’s Total Care Programme is designed to fulfil the requirements of current legislation for the maintenance and care of Respiratory Protective Equipment (R.P.E.) on a monthly basis.


The Total Care Programme provides a bespoke service that can be integrated into a site’s existing equipment or set up in conjunction with the purchase of new equipment. Our clients outsource their peripheral maintenance duties to Breathe Safety, allowing them to concentrate more effectively on their core activities.


Whilst the Total Care Programme was primarily set up to ensure compliance for R.P.E., it also includes service and maintenance of any equipment that is typically used in conjunction with it, such as Gas Detection.


Breathe Safety undertakes monthly tests, inspections, and record keeping, which guarantees:

  • Total compliance with CoSHH on R.P.E. 
    CoSHH states that all respiratory equipment must be maintained at least monthly by a competent person in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

  • Total guaranteed consistency of inspections and testing
    Where operators carry out maintenance on R.P.E., consistency is often neglected. HSE audits could reveal a lack of record keeping.

  • Total quality of inspection
    Our work is our profession, and we ensure it is done properly, rather than R.P.E. maintenance being tagged onto the operator's main task. Faults that may get overlooked from month to month are immediately rectified when inspection is carried out by Breathe Safety.

  • Total workshop facility
    Free repair work from our fully equipped workshop. Repair work that would otherwise be costly is carried out at cost of parts only.

  • Total packages
    Special rates on other services - training, face fit testing and new equipment are provided at preferential rates if a client has a total care programme in operation.

  • Total peace of mind
    Breathe Safety take care of all R.P.E service requirements properly, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core activity.

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